Frequently Asked Questions
Our typical turnaround time is 3-4 days after we receive your machine. We will e-mail you the estimated cost of the repair. Please quickly reply to that e-mail so we may service your machine and return it to you.
We collect your credit card details at the beginning of the process but will not charge it until the end. You will be asked to approve the repair estimate before any charges are applied. If you decline the repair, we will return your POC to you and charge your credit card a $79.00 evaluation fee. The return shipping is free.
We understand the repair costs are sometimes too expensive. If you choose to decline the repair, we can either return your POC or dispose of it for you. If you want your portable oxygen machine returned, we charge $79 to cover the costs of the packing, return shipping and the time it took to evaluate your portable oxygen machine. If you choose to have us dispose of your machine, there is no charge for this service, and it is responsibly disposed to a materials recycling facility.
We want your POC to arrive safe and sound, so please use a box that is large enough to fit your POC machine after it has been wrapped with protective bubble wrap. On the outside of the box, please write the tracking (RMA) number we send to you. This will help us process your POC quickly and accurately. Please note: we are not responsible for damage incurred in shipping. Your local UPS store can help you pack and ship your Portable Oxygen Concentrator to us.
No. Please do not send in any accessories with your machine, including the power cord.
The manufacturer’s limited warranty covers the cost of parts and labor under the terms of the warranty. As we go through our evaluation we will ensure as much of the repair is covered by the warranty. . In addition to corrective repair, we also provide preventative service on every repair. That includes external cleaning, internal disinfection, and filter changes. A $79 charge will be added to the manufacturer’s warranty service to cover these services.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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